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Business hours:
MON-FRI 8 - 18 | SAT 8 - 15

Active phone:
MON-FRI 8-18

phone.: +48 42 2323230
fax: +48 42 2323295

ul. Pryncypalna 129/141
93-373 Łódź - Poland


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SHOWROOM, situated in Łódź, at ul. Pryncypalna 129/141

A bit of Company history

Biowin is a family business, established in 1979 as a producer of wine yeast. In time, it expanded its range of wine goods and at the beginning of the 1990s started production of thermometers under the brand name Bioterm. In 2009 the company extended its product portfolio with a range of gardening equipment under the brand name of Bioogród.

Current Scope of Operations

Currently Biowin employs several dozen of people, has its own transport, large warehouse capacity and extensive production department.

  • We supply wholesalers and shopping centres across the country, and successively increase exports.
  • We sell our products at and via Allegro and eBay.
  • We have our own microbiological laboratory, where a HACCP system has been in place for several years.

Company Objective and Mission

Biowin has a strong and well-established brand on the market. We enjoy a good reputation as a credible and reliable company due to our constant pursuit of service quality and introducing excellent products under our brand.

We focus on being much more than simply another company which cares only about its sales. That is why we provide the services of our Customer Guidance Department free of charge. Anyone can call or write to us and we will do our best to help them solve any problems they may have.
We also organize monthly training courses on wine, beer and spirit production at our Company headquarters in Łódź. Admission is free, of course.

Feel free to come by and start working together! We are open to any suggestions and guarantee both products and services of excellent quality!

Because home-brewed is better!

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