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Injector 30 ml + 2 needles


Your home-made cured meats can be exactly how you like them. Their appetising appearance counts, but it's most important for every bite to be really delicious. The injector will let you give the perfect taste to your meats and cold cuts. A syringe and two needles will aid you in professional meat injection with brine. They will also substantially speed up the curing process. Your favourite traditional hams will now be properly tender, and retain their freshness longer. One of the needles has a wide outlet end, intended for dosing marinades with large pieces of seasonings, and the other needle has an outlet on its side, preventing it from clogging.


Symbol: 311103
VAT Rate: 23%
Width of the product: 7.0cm
Depth of the product: 2.8cm
Height of the product: 22.4cm

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