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Bottle Bar Queen 500 ml, white


If bottles took part in beauty contests, this one would definitely have a shot at a grand prize, or a runner-up title at the very least. It would stand out in every home minibar on its beauty, as well as on its admirable individuality. One glimpse is enough to be compelled by its charm. And the impulse to reach for it is hard to resist… Ideal curves of shapely 500 ml.
It also combines adorable design with distinct character and confidence. Knows what's good for it, so when you fill it up with a delicious, noble brew, you'll be rewarded with a smile and with the cap coming off with the charm of a top model.

Just take care what company you open it in, or it's gone in the embrace of press photographers - or even find itself with a wealthier, more luxurious minibar… and then your thirst won't have a goal like this every again…


Symbol: 631505
VAT Rate: 23%
Width of the product: 8.5cm
Depth of the product: 8.5cm
Height of the product: 19.6cm

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