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Active dry yeast for meads - 10g


Portion for 10-25 L of mead.
Exhibiting heightened tolerance to high concentrations of sugar and acohol. It has the killer factor.
It's characterized by low production of short-chain fatty acids, sulphites, and acetaldehyde.
How to use:
The yeast does not require preliminary proliferation. Stir the package contents in 100 ml of previously boiled water cooled down to 35°C. Leave for 20 min, after which pour into the carboy with the honey must. Add the nutrient with vitamin B1, in the amount of 4.5-11 g/10-25 L of must. In order to lower pH, it is recommended to add acidity regulator Kwasomix in the amount of 15-46 g per 10-25 L of mead must.

In order to increase the acidity of the wine base, the addition of Kwasomix acidity regulator in the amount of 18-46 g per 10-25 L of the base is recommended. Optimum acidity at the beginning of fermentation: 4-4.5 g/L.


Symbol: 400370
VAT Rate: 23%

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