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Business hours:
MON-FRI 8 - 18 | SAT 8 - 15

Active phone:
MON-FRI 8-18

phone.: +48 42 2323230
fax: +48 42 2323295

ul. Pryncypalna 129/141
93-373 Łódź - Poland


Fundusze Europejskie

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How to order

Orders may be placed:

1. Via the Internet

To place an order in the Online Shop, log in and set up an account. This allows you to track your order and receive information from us about any special offers, clearance sales and new products.

  • You may start the ordering process by signing up, or, if you already have an account, by logging in (top right corner of the page).

Alternatively, you may first add your selected items to the Shopping Cart, and then do one of the actions above.

  • To get to the specific products, please select the right section containing the selected type of goods (BIOWIN, BIOTERM, BIOOGRÓD).
    With a single click of the mouse, you will have access to our extensive range of products.
    You may also use the search engine provided on our website, where you need to enter the number of the given products, and if it is not there, please enter its name, such as balloon or fermentation bung.
  • Then add the selected product to the SHOPPING CART (the field can be found under the product image) and confirm "OK" (a window will pop up in the middle of the page).
    To view the contents of the Shopping Cart, click the "CART" button in the top right corner.
  • If everything is correct, fill in the following data (delivery, form of payment, comments, shipping and/or invoice information) and then ORDER (if you are logged in). If you are not registered or logged in, you need to do so before confirming the order, using the “Log In” or “Sign Up” field.
  • If you wish to continue shopping or add something to the Shopping Cart, simply go back to the products and start searching for the selected items using the search engine.
  • Once a product is placed in the Cart, you can easily change the quantity in the Shopping Cart menu and confirm by clicking the "REFRESH" button on the right of the product .
  • If you wish to remove the product from the list, simply click the X on the right of the product.
  • Order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail box.
  • The last stage is delivery of the package by post or courier.

2. Phone

The Customer Service accepts orders:
from Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
phone number +48 (42) 2323230, 2323231 or fax: +48 (42) 2323293

3. E-mail

Orders can be placed by e-mail sent to one of the e-mail addresses of our Consultants.

Orders should include:

  • Detailed address information.
  • Catalogue number of the ordered goods (when ordering from Catalogue) or the name of the article.
  • If necessary, the colour or size of the product (e.g. corks).
  • Quantity of the ordered goods.
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