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Therm. for food GRILL T - with app, -30°C +250°C


Unlock your inner barbecue master!
Thanks to the app-fitted thermometer not only will you perfectly accommodate your meats to the most fanciful palates, but most of all, you will gain more time for your family and friends.

Download the app, connect with the thermometer via Bluetooth, stick the thermometer in the meat, set the alarm, and party on. No need for checking, controlling, sousing, staring, all it takes is to wait for the alarm ring and turn the meat on the other side.
The GRILL T app ensures the perfect roast for the meat, now it's up to you to become a culinary legend. Sauces, marinades, special wood chips - all this can now occupy your thoughts, because the meat will always turn out perfect.


Symbol: 186110
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 6.8cm
Głębokość produktu: 3.9cm
Wysokość produktu: 8.0cm

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