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Kindling wood rolls Big Blow - 750g


This product's distinct characteristic is its composition. Namely, the kindling comprises of pinewood fibre, impregnated with resin and paraffin. That means that this product is not made out of sawmill waste, e.g. shavings, sawdust, or other leftovers from wood processing (like bark), but of properly prepared wood. Making a product from plain wood, free of the residue resulting from usual sawmill operation, guarantees that the use of the kindling comes with no risks of unhealthy substances to be found in your food. Moreover, the packaging itself is a clear advantage of the product - a doypack with string closure, thanks to which whatever's left after use, can be sealed back for another grilling session - the string closure secures the product against drying up, and the airtight doypack protects it from oxidative environmental conditions.


Symbol: 780100
"Stawka VAT": 23%

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