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PN-PT 8 - 18 | SB 8 - 15

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PN-PT 8 - 16

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tel.: +48 42 23 23 230
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ul. Pryncypalna 129/141
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Citrus Spray


Citrus Spray Take delight in the fantastic taste of dishes with a hint of citrus flavour! A perfect tool for preparing salads, fish and meats. It works perfectly well for you when you are serving refreshing drinks and cocktails. A kit for spraying juice directly from fresh citrus fruit. The kit consists of three elements that can be washed easily (also in a dishwashing machine) after the device is disassembled: • small spray for limes or tangerines • large spray for oranges and lemons • stand for the fruit When the tip is placed in the fruit, juice will flow through the holes filling the filter from which it will be removed by the spray. A silicone ring prevents juice from leaking out. Price for set (2 x spray, stand)


Symbol: 312002
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 10.0cm
Głębokość produktu: 8.0cm
Wysokość produktu: 7.0cm
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