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Spice mix for mulled Cider - 21g


Spice mix for mulled Cider - 21g An ideal composition of natural spices, bringing out the flavour and smell of the Cider.

Ingredients for 1 L of mulled Cider:
- 1 litre of cider
- 1/4 pack of mulling spices - slice of orange

Pour the cider into a pot, add herbs* and heat slowly (10 min) until it reaches 60-70 degrees Celsius, do not boil. Thoroughly wash the orange beforehand, steam it, cut into slices, and add during the heating of cider. Pour the hot mulled cider into mugs, remembering not to use regular glassware, as it may crack under high temperatures

*the herbs can be added directly to the cider, or sunk in a special pouch designed for that purpose.


Symbol: 405095
"Stawka VAT": 23%

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